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Happy New Year 2016

What are your 2016 Resolutions?


It’s always great to make a new year’s resolution but it should be one you can actually accomplish! Think small, practical, and meaningful. How about:

  • Meatless Mondays – eating one meal a week that does not contain meat. Why is this good? It reduces the impact to the environment for one, and if your meal consists of healthy vegetables, grains, and legumes, you are benefiting your health by diversifying your diet! See more at Meatless Monday
  • Eating a healthy breakfast – too many people skip breakfast but it is the most important meal of the day because it’s when we can give our body the protein it needs to go from fat storing mode (starvation) to fat burning mode (thanks to ample protein). Add some fresh eggs and yogurt to your breakfast! Made mini quiches ahead of time or blend yogurt and fresh fruit for a healthy smoothie on the go!
  • Unplug with a walk – Ditch the technology (yes that means cell phones!) and go for a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood, park, river front, or natural area. Take the dog or kids for some much needed exercise. Breathe in fresh air and look for wildlife and neat plants. Do this daily to de-stress, burn a few calories and find peace.
  • Join a local community group – Get to know your neighbors and learn something new by joining a local community group, such as the Florida Native Plant Society, Audubon, Friends of X park, animal shelter, etc. group, Rotary, United Way, and so on. Most of these groups are free or low cost to join, have monthly educational speakers, host events or outings, and all work to DO GOOD in our local community. Get involved! You can find groups listed on Facebook, Florida Today newspaper,, online searches, or ask your friends.


Whatever you do, do something positive!