Our Farm

Hise Farms is a family owned and operated farm run by Tim and Mary Hise. They turned their plumbing skills into growing the own food through hydroponic growing systems. While their first two greenhouses are still actively producing at their farm in Canaveral Groves, they are expanding their operation and conducting sales at The Green Marketplace.

Hise Farms specializes in hydroponically grown produce. Their signature crop is strawberries. They grow the best, tastiest and pretty berries around! You can see examples of the various hydroponic growing systems at The Green Marketplace.

In addition to strawberries and other produce, they also maintain a good size flock of happy free-range chickens which enjoy cleaning up the weeds and vegetable waste! Fresh eggs are available at the marketplace too!

Contact Mary for more information: 321-403-1428


Here are some good books if you’re interested in reading more about true local farming.


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