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We support other local crafters and producers, so we are proud to feature some beautiful local products for sale at the marketplace.

3P Hypertufa

hypertufa seagrape leaf

You can find one of a kind hypertufa art for yards, gardens, and homes! This art features the use of real leaves and natural objects imprinted on the hypertufa, and painted with non-toxic inc. In addition to the seagrape leaf pictured here, Barb has made other leaves, bowls, pots, mushrooms and more! Stop by often as she is inventing a new creation all the time! Barb will also offer a class on making hypertufa so watch our newsletter for further details!


Hand-Painted Pots by Soamanda Creations


Soamanda Creations are mostly hand painted terracotta flower pots. Amanda also makes photo collages & scrapbooks, paints canvas & birdhouses, and home decor.  These beautiful artistic pots are sure to be a great fit with our native plants and herbs!


Hand-Painted Rain Barrels

photo 5


We are pleased to now offer you custom painted rain barrels by Artist Kathy Carlson. How did she get started in this media? She says, “I started researching how to make and install rain barrels because I had a large water bill. I garden a lot and water my flowers and plants often. I also have a large pool that needed filling. While rain barrels offered a solution, the problem I had was that most barrels are boring. I love bright vivid colors and enjoy painting. So I decided to learn how to paint barrels and bring my art outside.”

Custom painted barrels start at $150 (barrel with spigot included).

Kathy suggests installing her barrels with a downspout diverter kit. It makes the barrel a completely closed system and your overflow is your downspout. Water is diverted to the barrel and when it is full it switches back to the downspout. It looks nicer too.


Find Outdoor Living Space Ideas on Our Pinterest Page!

What sort of space are you creating in your yard? Plants can help shape that space, creating outdoor rooms divided by living walls of shrubs like firebush, Florida privet, Simpson’s stopper and others, or sitting areas overlooking a peaceful wildflower meadow where bees and butterflies find food.

If you have an idea for an outdoor living space but need help with plant selection, bring in your ideas and we’ll be happy to sit down and help you!


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